Surgery for Pops.

We are writing to request assistance for a very special dog that we recently brought into rescue. Pops is a 10 -12 month old Mastiff that already weighs 90 lbs and has a lot of growing to do. He was diagnosed with a luxating patella in his rear, right leg, which requires surgical intervention. During the specialist consult, it was discovered that he also has a torn ACL in the same leg. This poor guy needs help! You can clearly see the lameness that he is experiencing in the video below.

As he continues to grow and gain weight, more stress will be placed on the joint, making the lameness worse; eventually leading to arthritis and the inability to put weight on the leg. Treatment of this condition is especially important for giant breed dogs due to the weight that they will put on the joint over their lifetime. Surgical treatment has a near 100% success rate.

The estimate for his surgery and specialist consult is attached to this grant application. His care will cost approximately $4,500. On the recommendation of the surgeon, we are waiting until his growth plates have completely closed to schedule his surgery in order to avoid additional damage. This means that he should be ready for surgery in the next month or two based on his size, breed, and age.

Pops was originally picked up as a stray. He was a shelter favorite during his stay due to his friendly disposition and easy-going nature. We took him into rescue where he is relaxing in his foster home while he waits for surgery. We are equally impressed with his sweet disposition and obedience at such a young age! Pops deserves to have his leg fixed so he can live the long, happy, and capable life that he deserves!

If you are able to donate any amount it will make a great impact on Pops’ life. Donations will be used directly for his surgery and follow up care. 

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