Surgery for Rocco!

CANCER IS A *Bleep*HOLE (literally this time).


We’re officially launching the CANCER IS A *BLEEP*HOLE campaign. Cancer has afflicted so many that we love, both human and canine and I’ve said that phrase to myself (with a slightly different word) so many times… but this time it’s literally true. Rocco has a mass on his back side that most likely developed because he was not neutered (he is now) and is now cancerous.
Based on all of the diagnostics, Rocco’s oncologist believes that it can be removed and doesn’t see any sign that it’s spread to other parts of the body. So, while the mass looks scary, he’s in the best possible situation to get treatment and live the full life that he deserves.
So, two things –

#1 – Spay and neuter your pets so this doesn’t happen to another!


#2 – Donate if you can to help us SAVE ROCCO’S *Bleep*HOLE and his life!!!


Rocco’s surgery and treatment will cost around $5,000 – so every little bit helps!


Thank you!