Fostering Saves Lives

Have you ever thought about fostering? We rely on our foster homes to help us save lives every day. Without these amazing families, we would not be able to save adoptable animals from being euthanized.  Millions of animals die in shelters each year because of lack of space and other resources. With the help of our foster homes, we are able to pull animals at risk out of shelters and give them the lives they deserve.

Fostering is a temporary commitment to saving a life. A rescued pet would live with you until they are adopted. We provide the food and medical care; you provide the home and love!

Fostering is a rewarding experience and easier than you think. You are saving a life when you make a decision to help by being a foster home.

Apply to Foster

1. Apply

If you are interested in meeting any of our rescues, please fill out an Application

2. Screen

We will screen your application and check references withing 72 hours. It can take longer if references can not be reached, so be sure to let those you put down as references know that we will be calling.

3. Interview

We will contact you for an interview to talk about fostering for HSH and which pets might be a good fit for your home.

4. Foster!

Questions? Contact us today at or (847)802-9835.